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Securities: Top Five Unclaimed Property Issues

While securities have long been a hot spot for unclaimed property issues, the past several years have seen a continued expansion of audit activity targeting broker-dealers, stock issuers, transfer agents, mutual funds, banks, and others in the financial services industry. Unclaimed property laws—and unclaimed property audits—can present a number of specific challenges in this space.

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Fourth Set of FAQs from DOL on Fiduciary Rule

On August 3, 2017, the Department of Labor released a fourth set of FAQs related to its new “investment advice” fiduciary definition and related exemptions, which became applicable on June 9. Like the May FAQs, the three new FAQs are positioned as transition period guidance, although their content is not so limited.

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A Record-Breaking Year for FINRA in 2016; What May Come in 2017?

2016 will be remembered as an historic year: the Olympics, the Chicago-Cleveland World Series, and the presidential election. In the regulatory world of FINRA, there was also an historic year as FINRA continued its trend of ordering significant fines, shattering its
previous record set in 2014. If firms and their representatives were not paying attention to this trend, they should be now. Although some have speculated about a reduction in the SEC’s Enforcement program with the new administration, FINRA shows no signs of slowing down. By analyzing FINRA’s 2016 sanctions and cases, including the issues that resulted in the most significant fines and emerging enforcement trends, what predictions can we make about key issues for FINRA for 2017 and beyond?

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